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All clients must agree and adhere to the Cuddlist Code of Conduct

Why Cuddle Therapy?

My specialty is creating safe places for people.  Whether it be emotional space-holding or literal, physical holding, my intention is to provide a nurturing atmosphere for everyone who seeks out my care.

Imagine if we all got the affection and love we needed in our day-to-day lives.

What a fulfilling life we would have!

Cuddling is something that I find profoundly therapeutic, both giving and receiving.

I believe that human touch is an innate need that we all have as human beings to be held and comforted.  The world can be a very challenging place, and it is a relief to know that a sanctuary lies just within arms’ reach.

My mission is World Peace, and I believe that I’m doing my part by providing care for people who crave platonic hugs, comfort, and love.

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All clients must agree to the Cuddlist Code of Conduct

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